Friday, March 14, 2014

Hey guys this is the latest project that I worked on while I was at The Mill in LA. I worked on the Call of Duty ghost intro and outro cinematics for Extinction DLC 1 AND 2. I Had an amazing time working on this project. I learned alot on this project and hope to have meany more like it. I was mainly responsible for modeling, texturing ,and look deving small assets and environment props. Here are the into and outro videos for DLC 1, that I found on youtube,please enjoy. SPOILER ALERT!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My First Commercial!!
Hey guys This is the first commercial I worked on, It was for Hess Toy Trucks. Sorry that it is so low rez , the company did not release the HD version of the commercial. I was Responsible for modeling & texturing all vehicles ,snowman and snow ramp. Had a great time on this one, I learned a lot.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some of my recent work while attending Gnomon

Environment Design for  Midterm
Environment Design Final
Final for visual structure: My assignment was to design the mutt creatures that appear in The Hunger Games.
Digital Photography Final: I Photographed the Model and put her in a Matt painting.
Digital Photography Midterm: Every thing in this Image was photographed, Digitally processed and painted by me.

Intro to Maya Final
Character Design Final. The Assignment was to remake a Movie I chose Vanhelsing 

Character Design: Zombie Dorothy & Zombie Cowardly Lion . The theme for my midterm was The Wizard of OZ  and we had to choose a genre. I chose Zombies!

Z brush 1 Final

This is Some of my Work from Anatomy Class

Some of my old work before Gnomon

Character Design: Techmo Kid and Dirty Dawg

A Submission for Gnomon's December Contest. The Theme was Beauty and the Beast
Character Design: BuzzKill and SwordFish
Character Design: Snot

A drawing I drew for my Grandmother of her and my Grandfather.
Gutter Dream Wishes
Flushed with Greed
Character Design: Bob

Character Design for Flash Game: Ted the Gopher

Character Design Sketches
tattoo design 1
tattoo design 2
 Freelance Commission art

Character Design: Nuclear Frog
Creature Design

My Wife and Son